Photo by Mani Froh

Photo by Mani Froh


Being aware of the freedom and the ability that we have to create something beautiful together is what motivates us. It means taking the invaluable chance to build something together with artists, people who are dedicated to artistic expression and people who are dedicated to social projects. At the end of each process stands not only the exhibition or the project that we realized, but also the understanding of the fact, that all this is just possible by working together. We all grow together.

We can change something. We can create impact and build a world around us that we want to live in. We believe that art can move something - in an individual person, but also on a bigger scale.

As a gallery we are close to what is happening around us, open-minded and attentive, showing respect to art in all its different forms and to the artists, whether they are established or emerging.

We consider ourselves a bridge, that connects and supports people - by bringing together artists and audiences from different countries and backgrounds and with different approaches. The love for art is a common ground and we want to create a platform for art and for all that it can move.