Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Vienna, Austria

+43 6602200327

Opening times:

Wed - Fri 3PM - 7PM

Or when you really want to see us!

We work on a non-profit basis and every dollar helps! If you would like to show us some love with a few buckaroos (i.e. mullah, doll-hairs, mo-nay) we would be so extremely grateful!



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Elisabeth Hinkel

+43 6604663115

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Ale Zapata
Curator / External Projects Coordinator

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Justina Špeirokaitė
Curator / Coordinator of Collaborative Projects

+43 6604517466

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Urtė Špeirokaitė
Strategy Manager / Event Coordinator

+43 6602200327


Elizabeth Spouse
Development Coordinator

+43 6767115146