Peter Phobia is an artist and illustrator currently living in Vienna, Austria. He mainly focuses on drawing and his works range from small pieces to larger than life formats. Even though his use of color is mostly restrained and limited it still has a strong impact on his work. The use of written elements in form of quotes and excerpts of texts play an important role in his art and often complement the visual parts in his pieces.

He is deeply influenced by pop culture, everyday life observations and often comments on the human being within society. His work is rather a statement but an open invitation to reflect on current topics in society.

Peter has worked with several magazines and brands in Europe and his artwork has been shown in numerous places around the globe, such as in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Switzerland, Lithuania, Serbia, Liechtenstein and Mexico.

Feel free to drop him a line with any request, he´s open for commissions, illustration inquiries, collaborations or just a nice chat.

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2015 Group show 'THERE ARE NO KANGAROOS IN AUSTRIA' in Mexico, at Casa Nueve

2016 Solo show 'KNOCKOUT'

2016 Group show '{im}proper illustration' in Lithuania, at VDA Telšių galerija