Improper Walls is a cultural platform in the flourishing Reindorfgasse in Vienna’s 15th district. We are focused on urban and contemporary art, illustration and multimedia. What makes us special: we organize exhibitions on a non-profit basis. We offer an exhibition venue for artists and support them during the whole process of preparing an art show. But that is not all. Besides the vernissages that can include live music and performances we also host and organize other cultural events and workshops, that are dedicated to social issues, always in collaboration with other creative minds. We stand for diversity: by showing young international and local artists, established and emerging ones, by welcoming visitors who are familiar with the field of art and those who are just beginning to discover it. Our gallery is appreciated by artists and visitors for its welcoming and cozy atmosphere. We love what we do and hope you will love it too.


We work on a non-profit basis and every cent helps! If you are able to rain your love on us with a few bucks a month, our brains will surely explode with gratitude! Check out our Patreon page here to find out more: