Paul Riedmüller´s desire to express himself and create with his bare hands, has driven him from his early years on. Fascinated by his surroundings, he attempts to collect as many images as possible, whether memorizing, taking snapshots with his smartphone or sketching whatever catches his attention, there seem to be no limits to his observance. This gathering of such an enormous variety of impressions, caused by his insatiable obsession for esthetic pictures, makes him combine whatever fits best to his intention, despite sometimes creating oddities where non are expected by an observer. Randomly he approaches any blank surface he can imagine, from old canvases to haphazard objects one stumbles upon, form entire walls to small paper postcards, he urges to experience every possible background. The outcomes, whether painted, drawn, sprayed or done purely digital, differ due to the various influences, however they have a memorable consistency, which makes them clearly distinguishable.


perk_uploading... | Improper Walls | Vienna | 2017

oh that place | Angewandte Innovation Lab | Vienna | 2016

cars & flowers | mö.e | Vienna | 2015




2016 Group show 'FREEWHEELIN' at Improper Walls