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𝐍𝐎 πŽπ…π…π„ππ’π„ 𝐁𝐔𝐓 ...


BΓ‘rbara Moura

Katharina LΓΆffelmann,

Εͺla Ε veikauskaitΔ—, Jehi Natali

Antonio Semeraro, Andrea Scharf

Axel Schindler, Linda Steiner, Markus Tozzer


in 𝐍𝐎 πŽπ…π…π„ππ’π„ 𝐁𝐔𝐓 ... - a group show


Politically correct behaviour is one of the most important norms in many European societies. To label certain behaviour and actions as correct facilitates the perception and recognition of wrong behaviour, which can often result in offending other social groups. At the same time, guidelines for correct behaviour reveal the variants and dangers of incorrect behaviour and action. When multifaceted and subjective issues such as religion, sexuality and politics come to the fore, where the terms "correct" and "wrong" are difficult or impossible to use, many can fall into insecurity, which can turn into distanced caution to avoid offending others.

If one is not informed about the constantly occurring developments of individual social groups, which mostly concern language, it is only possible to circumvent defamation by distancing oneself from specific actions and statements. This should guarantee the rights and freedoms of others and enable an exchange with different individuals.

Works of art that have offensive capabilities show that this individual emotion does not necessarily have to be part of the work, but that personal defamation represents a statement about the cultural values and political as well as social questions of the viewer. Whether the viewer feels defamed or to what extent, is based on individual experiences and perspectives.

Generally speaking, it can be said that provocative/offensive art has the goal of freeing the viewer from his familiar surroundings and environment and of questioning individual action and thinking.  But is it possible to define and limit this art in more detail? In the exhibition No offense, but... the artists try to pursue this question and take part with works which they themselves perceive as offensive or which they perceive as offensive for the viewer. The reaction of the audience is thus part of the exhibition, whose personal view of offensive functions as a measure of its own. The individual and thus also subjective emotion is directly provoked and made personally tangible to the recipient. In addition, it is possible to question in direct exchange what can be generally offensive and what is based on personal views and experiences. The multi-faceted emotion of "feeling offended" is put into different individual contexts, in which the viewer has the possibility to question his own personal feeling and to view it from a different perspective.

πšƒπšŽπš‘πš πš‹πš’ π™·πšŽπš•πšŽπš—πšŠ π™»πšŠπš—πš

BΓ‘rbara Moura
Barbara Moura is an artist natural from Lisbon, Portugal.
She graduated in Film at the National Film School of Portugal and then moved to London where she did her MA Applied Imagination in The Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins, she currently lives in Vienna.
The main subjects of her works are usually feminism, sexuality, world problems or emotional struggles, often personalized by self-portraits.
She believes artists should feel responsible for creating art beyond the Β΄shiny object conceptΒ΄ and therefore ever political and ever provoking.
Her work has been featured in several magazines and websites like The 405 (UK) Kaltblut (DE), Don’t Panic (UK), Made In Shoreditch (UK), Howl MAGAZINE (US) Charivari (PT), NAILED (US) and Steadfast Art (US), Femmuary (UK).
IG @b_moura |

Katharina LΓΆffelmann
Starting out as a graphic designer and illustrator in 2014, Katharina LΓΆffelmann started doing Typography based Graffiti and Street art.  
Her art is driven by a deep love for the language of shapes, letters and crafting with different materials. Next to street art she’s also making light installations, illustrations, lettering, and screen prints for clients, in workshops and as an independent artist besides enrolling at the academy of fine arts in Vienna in 2018 to study art education.
In her works she often embeds topics like womanhood*, mental health and generational trauma.
IG @kaethe_vfl

Εͺla Ε veikauskaitΔ—
Εͺla Ε veikauskaitΔ— is an illustrator and graphic artist from Lithuania, currently based in Vienna. Her aim is to express the atmospheric feeling through her compositions rather than to deliver a clear, laconic concept. Humour, melancholy, funny paradoxes, an observational documentary of her surroundings and the magic of every day are common topics of her work.
IG @ula.sveik |

Jehi Natali
Jehi Natali grew up in different parts of the world. Society calls her mixed race, she doesn't see herself or others in this kind of categories, whereby she just calls herself a human being. Slightly weird but nonetheless human. Raised by a caring and culturally interested and ambitious mother she experienced early on what art and creativity can do to us if we allow ourselves to interact with it. She sees her true calling in giving her emotional experiences a worldly form in order to understand and share these temporary states of mind.

Antonio Semeraro (Visual Stamina -x)
As multimedia artist he draws from diverse fields of experience. In his commercial works as a set designer his special attention goes to composition and color schemes. As qualified joiner/carpenter and former manager of the rehearsal stage of Volkstheater Wien he combines technical feasibility with creative elements from the field of fine arts. As artist his central focus lies in a conceptual approach. In his artistic works he juxtaposes any arising questions of viewers with a clear statement on current and partly timeless topics. Social justice, gender equality and emancipation from all types of prejudices are his subject areas.
IG @visualstaminart

Andrea Scharf (Things Dre Makes)
Andrea Zapanta Scharf aka Dre is an illustrator and gif-maker from New York City, currently based in Vienna. She illustrates daily life with a combination of jaunty lines and humor. Her specialty is casting ordinary things in a new light and reminding us of the things that we can all relate to in a playful way.
IG @thingsdremakes |

Axel Schindler
Axel Schindler is an Austrian artist based in Vienna. An illustrator who breaks graphic design rules and constantly experiments with new printing techniques to embody his drawings.
IG @axel.schindler |

Linda Steiner
Linda Steiner was born 1993 in Osttirol and came to Vienna in 2012 to study art. She enrolled at "Die Graphische" for two years where she also got in contact with bigger formats in painting for the first time.
After a couple of failed applications at the Academy of fine arts she decided to go her own way without any institution. She joined an art studio in 2016 where she found the exchange with many international young artists that highly influenced her and her art.
Especially in the last year she had some success as an artist. She showed her first solo show "Auf AugenhΓΆhe" at Improper Walls gallery and showed her works in various group shows exhibiting in galleries all over Vienna.
In her artworks Linda mostly focuses on herself and her close surroundings. Most of them are very personal, often self portraits, and she always tries to express something intimate in them. While her main focus lies on painting, she also does illustrations, street art, installations, printing, video and digital art.
IG @imadeyouandnowitakeyouback

Markus Tozzer
After first being introduced to painting at the age of fifteen by his painting father, he soon became immersed in the art form. Right after his 5 year schooling in the field of Print/Media Technology he decided to paint as a main occupation, which quickly became a necessity for him and β€œa mean to survive”. After studying fine arts in the class of Johanna Kandl at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna from 2011 and dropping out in 2013, he started to build the creative-agency Wiener Handwerk, with his former schoolmates from HΓΆhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt. Since then he works for clients in the fields of graphic design as well as video/film productions. Painting still remains his main focus point.
IG @markustozzer |
π•π„π‘ππˆπ’π’π€π†π„ & πŽπ…π…πˆπ‚πˆπ€π‹ πŽππ„ππˆππ† πŽπ… πŽπ”π‘ π’π”πŒπŒπ„π‘ 𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐄 8.5 19:00
Thanks to GrΓ€tzloase for the support!

Exhibition supported by Stadt Wien, BV 15.

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Photos: Niko Havranek