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Translation of Complexity // Group exhibition

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SOUND:FRAME X Improper Walls
Translation of Complexity
—a group exhibition at Improper Walls, Aa collections, Artivive App, METAWARE, Tagtool and Ein Affe

Exhibition Opening: Thursday, 10.1.2019 at 6pm including Open Studio at OMAi Tagtool and Afterparty at Rhiz Vienna
Exhibition Hours: Friday - Saturday, 11-12.1.2019 from 4-9pm

// Artists will be announced soon!

To kick off a new year of audio visual art, sound:frame visits the Reindorfgasse with a collaborative exhibition from January 10 to 12. With „Translation of Complexity“ the exhibition addresses intertwined topics and disentangles complex narratives through art. Together with Improper Walls, sound:frame invited a bunch of artists who break down the seemingly ungraspable framework of artificial intelligence, permutation of the internet and the role of myth and traditions in today’s society.

// Artists
Morehshin Allahyari, Anna Ridler, Cat Jimenez, Benjamin Weber, Arno Deutschbauer, Herwig Scherabon, Lukas Fliszar (101), Michael Ari (101), nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung., MONOCOLOR, Litto, OMAi Tagtool, Dalia Ahmed, Joja, Hidéo SNES.

// Opening night schedule
18:00 All Venues Open
18:30 Welcome at Aa collections (Reindorfgasse 9/2/R01)
19:00 Artist Q&A at OMAi Tagtool (Reindorfgasse 28)
19:30 Artist Q&A at Artivive App (Reindorfgasse 38)
20:00 Break
20:30 Performance at Improper Walls (Reindorfgasse 42)
21:00 Introduction at METAWARE (Reindorfgasse 39)
21:30 Artist Q&A at Ein Affe (Schwendergasse 19)

Afterparty at Rhiz Vienna (U-Bahnbogen 37)
22:00 Dalia Ahmed DJ Set with visuals by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.
00:30 Joja DJ Set with visuals by nita. studio für visuelle gestaltung.