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F E M M E by Eva Zar

Beauty is everywhere. Beauty decides what you eat and how you play. Beauty pleases you sexually and needs you to sleep. Beauty is the reason you get up in the morning. You can find it in the most intimate corners of your life next to the reason of your existence. You identify through beauty — every morning you look into the mirror and ask yourself, “how can I become prettier?“ But then you realize, you’re not the basic white skinny model without pimples, the one you saw on the last cover of Vogue (yes, the one with the amazing gender fluid model Gigi Hadid)? You understand that you’re the Other. Your light shines differently, not your traditional beauty standard. Or maybe it’s just time to change the definition of a traditional beauty standard.

About the Show

Eva Zar’s upcoming solo exhibition is dedicated to all the F E M M E S out there. Beauty and gender is beginning to be understood as amorphous and shifting. It’s important for us to recognize and celebrate beauty in all its variations. In each photograph Zar’s personalities share a piece of their existence in which the observers easily find themselves, traveling inside one`s intimacy, getting at the source of our personal genesis and by that returning us an alternative gaze.

The Other is captured in a glittery way. By photographing people who are not considered a traditional beauty standard, Eva Zar is redefining beauty standards one photo at a time. Through photographing fabulous freaks, she creates her own strategy of survival — for herself, the subjects and the viewers. It’s crucial to start a conversation about what conventional beauty does to our society and how we’re growing up — who is pretty, who isn’t, what does that even mean, why is it important — shining a light on people who aren’t usually represented in a beautiful way in media, Eva Zar addresses those question and their relevance.

About the Artist

Eva Zar is a New York based visual artist, originally from Russia, raised in Vienna. Awarded a Michael C. Toth scholarship and a Provost scholarship, she started her Master of Fine Arts with a major in photography at the renowned Parsons School of Design in 2016. Her photographs have been published in magazines such as Broadly, Metal, Blonde, Hunger, i-D, Ignant, Paper, Time Out, Refinery29, Vice and many more.


Vernissage: March 29th 7:00 - 10:00 pm
Duration of Exhibition: March 30th - April 20th
Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday 3:00 - 7:00 pm

Delighting us with her vibes :
🍋🍋 Dalia Ahmed (Dalia's Late Night Lemonade)

🎥 Chris Ramos

📷 Mani Froh


Video and editing by Chris Ramos

Event photography by Mani Froh






Media Coverage

THE GAP  by Michaela Pichler

LOMOGRAPHY  (DE) by Birgit Buchart

LOMOGRAPHY by Birgit Buchart


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