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Pourea Alimirzaee ▬H A R E M▬

Video by Saleh Rozati.

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Pourea Alimirzaee ▬HAREM▬

Vernissage: 7.11. 19:00
Exhibition: 8.11. - 16.11.

In these series of works, Iranian artist Pourea Alimirzaee is focusing on the meaning of a self-portrait and how surroundings, experiences, and even objects impact individuals. The artist prefers to pursue the lighter sides of being, rather than the darker aspects of life.

The exhibition Harem functions like a peephole in Pourea's life as an artist. One may think of "holes" in Marcel Duchamp's work Etant donnés: 1 ° la chute d'eau / 2 ° le gaz d'éclairage. What you see is only an excerpt from his imaginary world.

Drawings by the artist represent a beautiful plasticity, but the finely crafted frames (lovingly surrounding his drawings) could almost be perceived as autonomous works, which are sculptures on their own. Both drawings and paintings have been created in parallel and have the same equivalent of chosen media to the artist.

Although Pourea's artistic world is anchored in a real and recognizable world, the works only hint at reality, to an existentially necessary extent.

The exhibition Harem invites the viewer to experience and contemplate an individual journey to discover the artist Pourea Alimirzaee.

Pourea Alimirzaee is an Iranian-born artist currently studying and working in Vienna.

After finishing his studies in Tehran, he worked as a concept artist for Games and Animations. Later he studied bass guitar/jazz blues in Vienna Conservatorium and started to focus on combining visual art and music.

Since 2015 Pourea has been studying figurative painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
Opening evening with
DJ: Aurelia van Kempen

About Welcome The Fresh (WTF) series

The WTF project is a series of exhibitions which present young emerging artists based in Vienna. The project aims to bridge the gap between emerging and more established artists; giving a space for the voice of a generation yet to be heard. Allowing for artistic research and creative freedom, often reflecting the complexity and diversity of today’s world. WTF is a biannual exhibition series curated by Improper Walls.


Photos by Niko Havranek