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¶ Ritual ¶ Dilen Tigreblu & Alessandro Cripsta

Dilen Tigreblu & Cripsta

Improper Walls invites Italian artists Dilen Tigreblu & Cripsta to Vienna to realize the ephemeral art project “Ritual” and exhibit prints.

The gallery Improper Walls will be the site of a ritual and discursive examination of the ancient connection between human and cosmos between 4th and 7th of July. Dilen Tigreblu and Cripsta work together on the four-day-long painting ritual, which represents the Rite. The ritualistic act of painting is more important than the final result, each of the four murals will be overpainted again when finished.

The result of the first ritual will be overpainted in the evening of July 4th, when also the exhibition opening of never before seen prints of both artists is taking place. The fourth and last ritual mural will be overpainted again in the evening of July 7th and instead, the video documentation, the concept and sketches of the creative process of Ritual will be shown and exhibited until July 26th.

In the words of Dilen Tigreblu and Cripsta: “Through our research we would like to highlight how similarly humans have always tried to connect with the cosmos, even though they used different ways and acts to do so.”

The output of Dilen Tigreblu’s & Cripsta’s creative process will then be:
• 4th - 7th of July: 4 murals, painted on top of each other, resulting in one last mural that will stay and that will be finally destroyed also.
• A video documentary of the methodology and realization of these murals, from concept, sketching and painting itself.
• 7th - 26th of July: an exhibition of finalized artworks and preparatory sketches, along with a video projection of the documentary.
• a limited edition of prints, composed with motifs resulting from our visual research.
• possibility to design an illustrated booklet summarizing all the project.

TIMETABLE / RITUALS open to public
4th of July
3 - 7 pm : Rite - 1st Ritual painting
7 - 10 pm : Vernissage of the exhibition of prints and overpainting of the first ritual mural
8 pm: Artist talk - inspiration and creative path
5th of July
3 - 7 pm : 2nd Ritual painting
6th of July
3 - 7 pm : 3rd Ritual painting
7th of July
3 - 7 pm : 4th Ritual painting
7 - 10 pm : Closing of Ritual with last overpainting and presentation of the documentation with reception.

Exhibition Duration: 8th - 26th of July
Finissage: 26th of July,  7 - 10 pm

Dilen Tigreblu

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Supported by BV 15.

Supported by BV 15.

Photos: Chris Ramos