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◆ tiny ARt exhibition ◆

Video: Chris Ramos. Music: Osive feat. Captain Ryan 'Bestside'.

◆bring ARt to life <--> and life to ARt◆

Improper Walls and Artivive App want to showcase art in augmented reality (AR) with a tiny AR exhibition. Artivive is an easy to use tool for artists to create art in AR, with the simple goal of encouraging people to get out and experience art first hand in a new and interactive way. 

The upcoming "tiny ARt" exhibition on Nov 22nd & 23rd at Improper Walls will feature a range of artworks that in real life are no bigger than a business card. The augmented reality layer will enhance the artworks in the digital dimension to reveal what art in AR has to offer. 

>>> Vernissage <<<

Wed Nov 22nd @ 6pm

Oh heck yes! There will be a live bass performance by Bernd Ammann withvisuals from Ulrich Frey! 

Download the Artivive app to your smartphone and bring your headphones! You will need it to participate AND you won't be the slightest bit sorry you's magical 🔮 

Artists featured:
Bambi Paun
Charles Clapshaw
Deadbeat Hero
Dmitri Șibaev
Doris Dittrich
Eugenia Levkova
Fausto Montanari
Gill 360
Kurt Campbell
Laurent Bompard
Lena Vargas Afanasieva
Litto (Daniela Weiss) 
Liubov Kalashnikova, Kurbatova Elena & Compressed Immersion
Markus C. Ender | emc.quadrat
Miluta Flueras
Shachar Zadik & Jenny Meilihove
Simon Goritschnig
Teresa Romano & Marco Testini
Ulrich Frey
Virginia Mori
Visual Stamina
Yunuen Esparza

Chris Ramos on camera

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Supported by BV 15.

Supported by BV 15.