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Andrey Kasay. Beauty

BEAUTY – is a reflection on the unconscious consumption by Andrey Kasay. There were two essences which inspired this series of works.
On the one hand – it’s US advertising posters of 1950s and people on them with the unnatural smiles, consuming everything from the drinks to the weapons, on the other hand – the strongest USSR graphic era – the Russian avant-garde of the 1920s and 1930s.
Mixing these two traditions the author sneers at consumption as the meaning of life.

Andrey Kasay is originally from far east Russia, where his neighbors were the Amur tiger and the Dingo dog, who taught him to draw and make animated videos. You could see his works at such brands like Red Bull, Skittles, Washington Post, New Yorker, Google, Adidas; or featured by such guys like Juxtapoz and Its Nice That.