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PERSONALITY DISORDER by Lym Moreno & Markus Tozzer

Your personality is based on DNA and develops following your basic patterns during childhood and teenage years. Disorders only occur in a few percent of the worldwide population. But who doesn’t know the feeling of “That’s me!” when reading about disorders? Who are you in this minute and who will you be in the next? We invited Lym Moreno and Markus Tozzer to exhibit at Improper Walls. The process of communicating and working together on this exhibition is the main inspiration. Being two individuals with very opposing personalities the artists decided to work on the complexity of these everyday issues. Lym and Tozzer are creating personas and characters, influenced by their personal experiences, music and observations.

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Markus Tozzer is a painter living and working in Vienna. After studying fine arts at the University of Applied Arts he focused on writing music and painting, while building up a creative agency with his friends. Since then he enjoys assembling digital pictures, made from photos and found images, as well as animating digital drawings. In such compositions, landscapes or human body parts emerge, which were rearranged and modified in a painting manner, overlaping layers upon layers. His painted works are motivated by inner challenges and basic questions of his human experience. Contrary to those painted works, he uses the digital realm to experiment and to pay homage to lighter works and topics that are also used in pop culture, not fearing the silly and senseless.

Lym Moreno was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She works with a wide variety of medias and techniques including drawings, collages, assemblages of paper, print making, mural-painting and most recently some stop-motion experiments. In public space she appears under her pseudonym “Mosta” performing her visual language in a different context. “In my work, I seek to connect shapes and objects within figures that are carefree, joyful and spontaneous, usually focusing on issues that call my attention around the complexity of human behavior as well as the relationship between woman and man.” Lym Moreno

Photographer Ulrich Frey