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Unwasted. Zero Food Waste Gallery

  • Improper Walls 42 Reindorfgasse Wien, Wien, 1150 Austria (map)

A 4-days pop-up exhibition with the aim to raise awareness of avoidable food waste in our modern society and in our own environment and household. The project features a group of artists, that address this issue in their artwork which will be exhibited and presented to a broad audience. During the exhibition, additional installations, talks, and interactive learning elements will take the visitors on a journey that raises the awareness and – hopefully – kindles a change in their own habits.

The project is a cooperation between Improper Walls, a Viennese non-profit gallery, and Open IDEO Vienna Chapter, a group of local changemakers with the aim to create the impact through human-centered design projects and training.


TUE, 6:30pm, Opening!
7:30pm Performance by Pedro del Real Lavergne

"What Are Satanic Tacos Emphasizing? (WASTE?)"

Description: A Sophist walks in, proposes something terrible and the audience is encouraged to react. Food waste, taboos, medieval theater and despised ancient Greeks are mixed and shaken by Pedro.

WED, 6:30pm, Today I Learned - Expert Talk about zero food waste facts, basic information and the latest developments from hand selected experts (Felicitas Schneider, Alexandra Gruber)

Tickets limited to 30 seats, so get yours here (free, donations at the event welcome):

THU, 6:30 - 8:30pm, Screening of Just Eat It- A Food Waste Story , an award-winning film documentary which follows a group of people as they trace food waste back to the source (Vienna Premier).

FRI, 7:30pm, Artist Talk with Pussy Propeller, S.R. Ayers - Art & Creations & Andrea Scharf (Things Dre Makes).
8:30pm Closing Party with Dachsmilch

SAT, 10:00am, Zero Food Waste Design Thinking Workshop. Come to Open IDEO Vienna Chapters fast-paced one and half hour workshop and learn design thinking techniques while working on your new / improved zero food waste habit.

Supported by Urban Monkey & Jameson Irish Whiskey


Andrea Zapanta Scharf (Dre for short), is a Vienna-based illustrator and designer who originally hails from New York City.Her personal passion project Things Dre Makes came into fruition as a way to step away from the computer and get back to doing what she loves: drawing, making things by hand and sharing what she makes with others. If her drawings manage to put a smile on someone’s face, or inspire someone to see ordinary things in a different light, she considers her goal achieved. When she's not doodling in her sketchbook or playing the ukulele, she spends her time biking and enjoying the outdoors.
Facebook: Things Dre Makes
Instagram: @thingsdremakes

Pedro del Real Lavergne (Barcelona, 1990) is a person, who finds it difficult to talk about himself in the third person. He lives in Vienna, works in a carton boxes factory and spends much of his time writing, reading and watching Youtube videos about reptilian conspiracies. He is also a political scientist, but that has not helped him for much (economically).

Barbara Moura is an illustrator natural from Lisbon, Portugal. She is a full-time dreamer. The main subjects of her illustrations are usually feminism, sexuality, world problems or emotional struggles, often personalised by self-portraits. Barbara is currently a contributor for the groundbreaking ‘The Establishment’ (US ) and for ‘Charivari Lab’ (PT).
Facebook: Bárbara Moura
Instagram: @b_moura

Axel Schindler is an artist who currently lives and works in Vienna. He believes that it is important to see the artist behind the artwork. In drawing he sees the possibility of specific expression, development and working with people’s reaction.
Facebook: Axel Schindler

Markus Tozzer is a painter living and working in Vienna. His painted works are motivated by inner challenges and basic questions of his human experience. Contrary to those painted works, he uses the digital realm to experiment and to pay homage to lighter works and topics that are also used in pop culture, not fearing the silly and senseless.
Facebook: Markus Tozzer
Instagram: @markustozzer

PUSSY PROPELLER is an art collective based in Vienna, Austria. PUSSY PROPELLER was founded in 2012 and operates within the fields of performance, photography, video and fine art. The collective explores the possibilities of self-expression, self-interrogation and constitution of reality in general, which are provided by the Internet with it’s various forms of social networks, blogs, video platforms et cetera.
Facebook: Pussy Propeller

Rita Himmel is a Vienna-based artist and free soul.

Visual Stamina! Art Collective - Johannes Schneider & Antonio Semeraro. "We are a new formed collective of brain-backflipped artists who are trying to expand and reflect the boundaries of the common known senses. Our self-styled mission here on planet Earth: to enlarge and incept the spectrum of the viewers minds. We are here to question everything we perceive within this five-dimensional world and we are still looking for the unpronounceable answer of the biggest mystery from day zero to this very moment."
Facebook: Visual Stamina -x

Instagram: @iustas_

S.R. Ayers has been manipulating a full range of visually based mediums to tell stories growing out of all genders for many years now, finding specific joy in the field of comic books, cover images & posters.
Facebook: S.R. Ayers - Art & Creations