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Improper Walls is glad to announce its first exhibition abroad in cooperation with Casa Nueve, in Puebla, Mexico. THERE ARE NO KANGAROOS IN AUSTRIA is a group show of six young and talented Austrian artists all living and working in Vienna, Austria`s capital city.

Meet the artists...

My name is Benjamin Hammerschick. I‘m a graphic designer, resident in Vienna, Austria. I was still young when I found one big love: Music. Influenced by my parents‘ obscure taste, my inspiration mostly comes from experimental electro. Beside that, dystopian movies and themes of changing social values provide ideas. Those come to my mind while falling asleep, having a hangover or when chatting with friends. For my sketches I use charcoal, fine-liner or markers and finish them on my computer.



Boicut is a young artist living & working in Vienna. His work is very illustrative combining impulsive lines with a fresh colorway. Based on a concept his main goal is to reach the perfect balance between the different shapes. To this date his work was shown in Berlin, London, Miami, Luxembourg, Munich and of course Vienna and he has worked with brands like Nitro Snowboards, Absolut, Jameson, Remington, Vans, Paul Frank, Levis, KangaRoos, Hennessy, Samsung, Converse, among others.


Markus Tozzer

Markus Tozzer is a painter living and working in Vienna. After studying fine arts at the University of Applied Arts he focused on writing music and painting, while building up a creative agency with his friends.
Since then he enjoys assembling digital pictures, made from photos and found images, as well as animating digital drawings. In such compositions, landscapes or human body parts emerge, which were rearranged and modified in a painting manner, overlaping layers upon layers.
His painted works are motivated by inner challenges and basic questions of his human experience. Contrary to those painted works, he uses the digital realm to experiment and to pay homage to lighter works and topics that are also used in pop culture, not fearing the silly and senseless.



My name is nita. I’m a vienna based graphic designer with passion for detail, everyday pineapples & drab paper. Since beginning of 2014 I run my own little studio in Vienna. Beside that I love to do illustration & live visuals. If the world doesn’t fit into my head, I rebuild it and therefore sometimes get lost in a forest of layers. My aim is to design on different surfaces without being superficial.


Peter Phobia

Peter Phobia is an artist/ illustrator living & working in Vienna. Besides studying graphic design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he is a passionate golf player, has an obsession with writing lists, loves bananas and carries his sketchbook everywhere he goes.
Furthermore, Peter is a collector of absurd moments of everyday life which later on often serve as a source of inspiration in his work.


Sabine Galdberger

Sabine Galdberger is a graphic artist, born in Lower Austria, she lives and works in Viena. Her artwork describes an examination of the multilayered complexity of human beings.
Operational analysis show issues of psychological and physiological processes of human contidions. The projects topic allegorise some kind of deprivation and resistance of our human body. This aesthetic figures will turn from tender skin to restricting clothes. The discussion of losing and restoring oneself takes center of this artwork and sets precarious moments of missing identity in a new context with dissolving fragments of abstraction.