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  • Improper Walls 42 Reindorfgasse Wien, Wien, 1150 Austria (map)


CHIDO adj. [col.] (Lat.Am.: Méx.) cool, nice
CHAFA adj. (Lat.Am.: Méx.) [col.] something of a low quality, fake
¡CHALE! (Lat.Am.: Méx.) [expression]" damn ! "; " oh my god "; or " yeah right "

Mexican street artist Sens brings his brand new series of works with the title „CHIDO, CHAFA, CHALE“. This slang expressions commonly used in Latin America and Mexico variate the meaning according to the context, portraying the complexity of latinamerican language as well as its society. His detailed cartoonish works combine tradition, folklore and are impregnated by his environment, using elements of Mexican vision.


Sens (MX)

Mexican street artist and illustrator Sens was born and raised in Querétaro, Mexico. As a child he dreamt to be a pilot and was never really interested in drawing. Having no one in his family to be an artist, he discovered art in the streets.
His older sister introduced him to urban art in the suburbs (colonias populares). Believing he had no talent, he tried his first drawing: the character “Goku” from Dragon Ball. That’s when Sens started to feel passion for art.

Pursuing his initial wish to be a pilot he got into technical school but at the same time he started to make graffiti and other illegal street art. He was mostly into writings and tags. He decided to produce a documentary film about street art in Querétaro. Although he was not an active part of the happening at the time and only wanted to document the movement, he was arrested by the police, allegedly being part of the organisers. There were more than thirty underage artists detained and six adults. He was in the "wrong place at the wrong time" - as he says. Sens spend some days in the jail. After that event, most of his friends stopped illegal painting, but he continued to spray in abandoned places.
His next accomplishment was to get into the School of Fine Arts in Querétaro where he continued visual art and painting. A big turning point for him was getting the scholarship from the recognized mexican artist Ramsés De La Cruz to study hyper-realism. Ironically by that time, he developed his illustrative, more cartoonish style.
Sens has participated in several urban art festivals. In the future he will be part of an artist residency in Yucatán and will participate in the Tarraga Scenic and Street art Festival in Spain after his time in Vienna with Improper Walls.
Further Projects will go further in Digital Art.

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