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SUGAR, SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE our new season exhibition party with the finest characters created by Deadbeat Hero, The Adhocrates collective and Marija Tiurina.

Rob Perez aka Deadbeat Hero is an American artist who has recently called Vienna home. His Sweatermen characters made their first appearance back in 2012 and served as a type of social commentary on this generation’s smart phone culture that is still as relevant today as it was then. He continued to develope these characters that seem extremely comfortable covered up on colorful sweaters and ski masks as they disconnect in order to connect online. In 2013 DBH unveiled his Sweatermen collection. His well received solo show titled “The Sweatermen” was viewed at the Silkworm Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.

The Adhocrates Collective is a multidisciplinary design studio/art collective based in Vienna. The core members are Kathi Macheiner (aka. sixxa) and Lilo Krebernik (aka. deadlemming) but depending on projects there are several other members involved frequently and other artists temporarly part of the collective.
Their range of work includes illustration and character design as well as a series of designs for snowboard and skateboard brands, and also several clothing labels. And the adhocrates are often putting out their own products with projects like sixxa clothing or adhoc skateboards. Their most highlighted projects are installations, for example a character shaped skatebowl with a 6m tall sculpture casted out of it, or the recent project „Brobdingnag Gift Shop“ – 10:1 scaled wooden toys that can be interacted with.

Maria Tiurina has been involved in illustration for about nine years. She has moved to London five years ago from Eastern Europe to study Multimedia design, and now she is working as a game artist while constantly updating her illustration portfolio and taking on side projects that look like fun or useful experience. The idea of Deadly Sins has been floating inside her head for a while, but instead of creating something dark and gloomy she decided to add an epic ingredient to the concoction: cats.

Music by SARA,