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An Old Flame Never Dies

AN OLD FLAME NEVER DIES The three artists Roman Achitz, Benjamin Hammerschick and Bernhard Weber grew up in the industrial-romantic town of Linz. In the so called steel-city their passion for representative arts, music and film found common confluence. Their love for obscure music genres, independent cinema, comics, Burroughs & Co marked their youth, during which they lived and found common phases of self-discovery, destruction and reassurance. Their common fields of interest built their foundation that was not bound to get wasted instantly. In spite of several years dominated by silence as everyone pursued his individual path, their paths are trespassing today evermore in the pursuit of their art.
This exhibition is an effort to depict their individual ways and at the same time to reveal some of their hidden analogies – for an old flame never dies!


Benjamin Hammerschick (AT)

Hi! I'm a graphic designer trained in Linz and living in Vienna for the last 11 years. My works can be seen as a get-away from daily business routine, thoughts, sorrows and also questioning views on things. I'm inspired by experimental electronic music, dystopean movies and themes of changing social values which I love to caricate. But it's also my love to illustrate eversince i was a little boy. Enjoy!

Diffuse Art Work

Benjamin's home page


Bernhard Weber (AT)

Bernhard Weber was born in Linz/Austria in 1979 where he also studied fine arts from 2002 - 2008.
For about two years now he is exploring a painting technique where he is using highly liquified acrylics on fine woven canvas without any primer. Putting layer after layer of transparent color into the fabric, the results are extra precise and delicate paintings - almost like a veil and sometimes even mistaken as a print. The motifs range from geometric to figurative, whatever the artist likes to paint, and are always chosen to correlate with the way they are done.
He is currently living and working in Vienna.


Roman Achitz

Roman Achitz deconstructs in his works copyright secured pieces of work. Interventions pertaining to space and time facilitate a peep into the fundamental filming structure.



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