Improper Walls

Diskografie. Stefanie Hilgarth & Katharina Ralser - 7PM 23rd of November, 2016

Under the title DISKOGRAFIE [discography] Illustrators Stefanie Hilgarth and Katharina Ralser are showing a broad scope of their latest works. From commissioned works for major cultural institutions and advertising clients to very private, personal works that are shown to the public for the first time.

Curated by Justina Speirokaite
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About the artist

Stefanie Hilgarth studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Architecture and Industrial Design in Graz (Austria) and Milan (Italy). Since 2009 working as illustrator for print media (i.e. Die Presse, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Falstaff, Wienerin, Biorama, Landjäger Magazin), advertising agencies, companies (i.e. Bäckerei Felzl, Vienna), and cultural institutions (i.e. Wien Museum, Architektur Zentrum Wien, Salzburgmuseum), she lives and works in Vienna now. Her works have been continuously awarded and published.

Katharina Ralser studied graphic design and illustration in Vienna and Paris. Born in Vorarlberg (Austria) she is working in print media since 2007 (i.e. Best of Vienna, Servus Magazin, Landjäger Magazin, Brandstätter Verlag, Wienerin), advertising agencies, companies (i.e. Bipa, Heitger Consulting, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien), and the cultural and educational sector (i.e. Wien Museum, Life Ball, Klangforum, TU Wien, Wiener Gesundheitsförderung, Universität Wien/FDZ, WWTF). Her works have been awarded with the European Design Award. Katharina Ralser lives and works in Vienna.


UNWASTED. Zero Food Waste Gallery - 8th - 12th of November, 2016

A 4-days pop-up exhibition with the aim to raise awareness of avoidable food waste in our modern society and in our own environment and household. The project features a group of artists, that address this issue in their artwork which will be exhibited and presented to a broad audience. During the exhibition, additional installations, talks, and interactive learning elements will take the visitors on a journey that raises the awareness and – hopefully – kindles a change in their own habits.
The project is a co-operation between Improper Walls, a Viennese non-profit gallery, and Open IDEO Vienna Chapter, a group of local changemakers with the aim to create the impact through human-centered design projects and training.

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TUE, 6:30pm, Opening!
7:30pm Performance by Pedro del Real Lavergne

"What Are Satanic Tacos Emphasizing? (WASTE?)"
Description: A Sophist walks in, proposes something terrible and the audience is encouraged to react. Food waste, taboos, medieval theater and despised ancient Greeks are mixed and shaken by Pedro.

WED, 6:30pm, Today I Learned
Expert Talk about zero food waste facts, basic information and the latest developments from hand selected experts (Felicitas Schneider, Alexandra Gruber)

THU, 6:30 - 8:30pm, Screening of Just Eat It- A Food Waste Story
An award-winning film documentary which follows a group of people as they trace food waste back to the source (Vienna Premier).

FRI, 7:30pm, Artist Talk with Pussy Propeller, S.R. Ayers and Andrea Scharf (Things Dre Makes)
8:30pm Closing Party with Dachsmilch

SAT, 10:00am, Zero Food Waste Design Thinking Workshop
Come to Open IDEO Vienna Chapters fast-paced one and half hour workshop and learn design thinking techniques while working on your new / improved zero food waste habit

Suported by Urban Monkey


Andrea Zapanta Scharf (Dre for short), is a Vienna-based illustrator and designer who originally hails from New York City. Her personal passion project Things Dre Makes came into fruition as a way to step away from the computer and get back to doing what she loves: drawing, making things by hand and sharing what she makes with others. If her drawings manage to put a smile on someone’s face, or inspire someone to see ordinary things in a different light, she considers her goal achieved. When she's not doodling in her sketchbook or playing the ukulele, she spends her time biking and enjoying the outdoors.

Pedro del Real Lavergne (Barcelona, 1990) is a person, who finds it difficult to talk about himself in the third person. He lives in Vienna, works in a carton boxes factory and spends much of his time writing, reading and watching Youtube videos about reptilian conspiracies. He is also a political scientist, but that has not helped him for much (economically).

Barbara Moura is an illustrator natural from Lisbon, Portugal. She is a full-time dreamer. The main subjects of her illustrations are usually feminism, sexuality, world problems or emotional struggles, often personalised by self-portraits. Barbara is currently a contributor for the groundbreaking ‘The Establishment’ (US ) and for ‘Charivari Lab’ (PT).

Axel Schindler is an artist who currently lives and works in Vienna. He believes that it is important to see the artist behind the artwork. In drawing he sees the possibility of specific expression, development and working with people’s reaction.

Markus Tozzer is a painter living and working in Vienna. His painted works are motivated by inner challenges and basic questions of his human experience. Contrary to those painted works, he uses the digital realm to experiment and to pay homage to lighter works and topics that are also used in pop culture, not fearing the silly and senseless.

PUSSY PROPELLER is an art collective based in Vienna, Austria. PUSSY PROPELLER was founded in 2012 and operates within the fields of performance, photography, video and fine art. The collective explores the possibilities of self-expression, self-interrogation and constitution of reality in general, which are provided by the Internet with it’s various forms of social networks, blogs, video platforms et cetera.

Rita Himmel is a Vienna-based artist and free soul.

Visual Stamina! Art Collective - Johannes Schneider & Antonio Semeraro. "We are a new formed collective of brain-backflipped artists who are trying to expand and reflect the boundaries of the common known senses. Our self-styled mission here on planet Earth: to enlarge and incept the spectrum of the viewers minds. We are here to question everything we perceive within this five-dimensional world and we are still looking for the unpronounceable answer of the biggest mystery from day zero to this very moment."


S.R. Ayers has been manipulating a full range of visually based mediums to tell stories growing out of all genders for many years now, finding specific joy in the field of comic books, cover images & posters.

FREEWHEELIN': Radkult x Improper Walls x FixDich - 7PM 20th of October, 2016


Improper Walls and Radkult WIEN together with FixDich are throwing an opening party / art show preview of the Radkult Wien Festival 2016!!
The very next day the exhibition will travel to Marx Halle to be a part of the Wiener Fahrradschau.

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Radkult Festival

Curated by Justina Speirokaite

RUIN, Bárbara Moura, BOICUT, Rob Perez, Markus Tozzer, nita., PERKUP, Z, Katharina Ralser, Friend.

“Free of restraints or rules in organization, methods, or procedure. Heedless of consequences; carefree. Rambling, often aimlessly and without any kind of objective, either verbally, artistically or physically. (...)“ Urban Dictionary

The show is a personal interpretation of the cycling culture. The concept is free expression, a freewheel of thoughts, spinning in the environment which can be understood nothing but friendly and happy. Keeping the value of the artistic idea high, it is not about anything too direct, but more about the personal approach of each artist.

Music by: Adrian Klamauk Echerer

Drinks: Urban Monkey

#COMICSURREAL BY HNRX - 7PM 9th of September, 2016


Rather than using paper or canvas, HNRX paints on walls in public spaces - materials with errors and irregularities, surfaces with character. Each artwork has its own individual story. In the exhibition #COMICSURREAL the whole gallery room becomes an artwork. He will paint on walls and furniture, realizing a full room painting concept. There will also be a live mural on Saturday, 10 September - everyone is welcome to enjoy, according to his idea that inspires his work: creating fun, joy and love, because the world is beautiful!

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Curated by Elisabeth Hinkel

About the artist

HNRX, based in Innsbruck, is working mostly outside, travelling through Austria and Europe. His artworks are being created while he discovers the world. It is this freedom to paint what, when and where he wants that inspires him. He started to work with cans and acrylics in 2012 and is always in search for new undergrounds to paint on. Wandering around in Vienna, for example the Donaukanal and Nordbrücke, one already had the chance to discover some of his artworks. One of his most recognizable themes is the sausage. HNRX’ style is a mix of hyperrealistic painting and surreality. He takes everyday objects, like toothbrushes, matches and simple recognizable foods out of their context. One often forgets about their importance in life, their universal looks and simple designs. HNRX puts the spotlight on them, inviting the viewer to enjoy their existence. And making the viewer laugh, by merging a sausage with a banana shell, bones with pineapples, or simply adding a coffeemaker to the perfect fruit-barbecue-stick in bright neon colours. With this simple method HNRX’ art is not about any specific political statement or contextualisation, but about recognizing and appreciating the little things in life, especially the ones that inspire the artist and are fun to do. But one cannot deny his Austrian heritage, thinking about his artworks about the touristic hotspots in the city of Innsbruck, like the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl) and several sausage-motifs.
After exhibitions in Innsbruck and Munich he will have a solo show in Vienna at Improper Walls. The opening is taking place on 9 September, 2016.

Trail of Thought by Giuliano Martinuzzo - 7PM 5th of August, 2016

Known for his free-hand monochromatic sketching, the artist from São Paulo arrives in Vienna for his first international solo exhibition.

How many lines does it take to tell a story?

In Giuliano's art, infinite. Each trail created by his hands defines his expression and personality. By breaking with pre-conceived movements, Giuliano provides opportunities to let out all his feelings - plural, ambiguous, immersive, volatile, and indecipherable – on surfaces. The monochromatic aspect evokes the pure obsession with the pursuit of perfection, shortening the dance between creator and observer.

The creations shown at this exhibition, some dating as far as 2012 and others conceived exclusively for the exhibition, were selected so to display elements that translate this clash of divergent thoughts, inviting the appreciator to an immersion between the paragraphs, verses and lines of Giuliano’s trail of thought.

The opening is taking place on the 5th of August at 19:00. The artist will be present during the vernissage and will perform a live intervention.

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Giuliano Martinuzzo

Curated by: Pedro Henrique de Melo in collaboration with Alejandra Zapata Torres

NOW by Olivio Sarikas - 7PM 31st of August, 2016


NOW is a highly visual and intense work, that turns the gallery into a room that looks back at the viewer. The hidden landscape of hundreds of eyes, looking at us through social media, becomes real and engulfs us in this fascinating work. Yet the simplicity of this installation makes it a very captivating and personal experience - almost like a mantra.

Negroponte's "Daily Me" has been turned around by social media, to a golden cage in which every person becomes the center of attention. We are the Mona Lisa, the Madonna, the Hercules. No longer do we look at the walls of the gallery. The walls of the gallery look at us.

Waiting, expecting, observing. Because when culture is live, there is no space for an intermediate form. It is NOW, we are NOW.
#Trend #Hype #Viral

The exhibition will be hosted until 2nd of September.

About the artist:
Between 1996 and 2004 Olivio Sarikas studied fine art at the academy of Munich and Vienna. He worked on his Ph.D. between 2005 and 2009 specializing in the effects of social media on the personal photography of individuals (not finished). In recent years Olivio worked as a web designer and Ad campaign designer, formulating the concept of organic marketing. After 6 years of intense discord with the concepts of modern art, he comes back with a series of works that heavily includes the audience and draws the core of the work directly from the involvement of everybody.

Improper Walls & Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Telšių galerija present:

International Art Show: {im}proper illustration


Contemporary Illustration stepped far beyond the random doodle you see and forget in a blink of the eye when browsing through your newspaper. It stepped far beyond the sole purpose of illustrating a subject matter for the sake of teaching, showing, or clarifying something to the viewer. Illustration today is no longer the tool to serve a purpose, it is the purpose. With these strong words we will hopefully initiate a broad view and discussion of contemporary illustration.

Over the last years, more and more events concerning contemporary illustration art have popped up. The gallery Improper Walls started in 2014 with the goal to establish a place for illustration, graphic design and urban art that is accessible to everyone, from art lovers to people, who don’t usually attend art events. The exhibition in Telsiai, Lithuania, will show illustrations from fifteen countries on three continents and thus a wide range of possibilities. The main topic is a status quo of illustration art today, its fragments in street art, advertisement, self-exposure and individuality.

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Ale Giorgini (ITA), Peter Phobia (AUT), Marija Tiurina (LIT),
Lym Moreno (VEN), nita. (AUT), Rob Perez (USA), diffuse (AUT),
Riccardo Guasco (ITA), Lisk Feng (CHN), Sens OC (MEX),
Markus Tozzer (AUT), Mariana Rodríguez (MEX), Axel Schindler (AUT),
Stefanie Hilgarth (AUT), Katharina Ralser (AUT),
Münster Studio (ESP), Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska (POL), Luis Pinto (MEX),
Bene Rohlmann (GER), Bárbara Moura (PRT), Eran Hilleli (ISR),
Nicolas Ménard (FRA), Min Liu (TWN), Fabricio Lima (BRA),
Yukai Doralice Du (CHN), Sofia Matus (MEX), LWZ (AUT),
HNRX (AUT), Mariana Rodríguez Fernández (MX)


*** July 13th ***

19:00 Justina Speirokaite - About the exhibition and the Viennese gallery Improper Walls/ Video presentation and screening: Illustration Animated! Curated by Improper Walls x sound:frame Festival
19:30 Opening Reception

*** July 14th ***
17:30 Elisabeth Hinkel Illustration Uprising: Illustration on your bag, your skin and your wall - how come?
18:00 Live Skype talk with the artist Ale Giorgini Illustration as an Art Form
18:30 Live discussion with Peter Phobia about the life as an illustrator and artist My Life as an Artist
19:30 Closing talks

*** July 15th ***
20:00 {im}proper illustration after-party at Menų Fabrikas - Loftas (ELFA GastroBar), Vilnius Mural by Peter Phobia

Exhibition and talks will take place at:
VDA Telšių galerija
Kęstučio gatvė 3
LT­87121 Telšiai

Live mural painting will take place at:
Menų fabrikas LOFTAS
Švitrigailos g. 29
LT­03209 Vilnius

Axel Schindler's BIGTIME - 7PM May 29th, 2016

BIGTIME is the first solo exhibition of the Viennese artist Axel Schindler. His works deal in a humorous way with the consumer society and play with the viewer’s perception.
BIGTIME invites to discover the hidden side behind the obvious and the ugliness of the nice.
BIGTIME is a sum up of the extremities of subjects, objects and actions.
BIGTIME to be discovered.

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Axel Schindler was born in 1991 in Vienna, where he currently lives and works.
Meeting him in the family shop “Graf und Gräfin vom Raimundhof”, one can already discover some of his artworks - prints on paper and wood. The artist and illustrator likes to be a bit edgy, avoids plain and flat results by adding extras in his work. During his studies at “Die Graphische”, in Vienna, he had the opportunity to figure out what he likes the most: illustration, which breaks the rules of graphic design. With his masterclass diploma work “Delicatesse” he first showed that he wants to go his own way, and this brought him first public recognition.
Immediate responses from passers-by at his shop or at design markets such as Feschmarkt, Axel Schindler finds motivating and important for his creative path. It is that feedback that “allows” him to keep drawing with humor and always include something that brings a smile to people's faces or creates a moment of surprise after discovering a “hidden” part behind the obvious.
Axel Schindler also believes that it is important to see the artist behind the artwork. In drawing he sees the possibility of specific expression, development and working with people’s reaction. He is a lot inspired by music - his second big passion which he prefers to keep for himself, as a gateway to freedom at any moment. Other inspirations - black & white illustration, Japanese Manga, 50’ & 60’ and stand-up philosophers. After a mural for Absolut Vodka at DO-AN in Vienna this summer, a selection of his artworks will be seen in his first solo show at Improper Walls.

PERSONALITY DISORDER by Lym Moreno & Markus Tozzer
- 7PM May 18th, 2016

Your personality is based on DNA and develops following your basic patterns during childhood and teenage years. Disorders only occur in a few percent of the worldwide population. But who doesn’t know the feeling of “That’s me!” when reading about disorders? Who are you in this minute and who will you be in the next? We invited Lym Moreno and Markus Tozzer to exhibit at Improper Walls. The process of communicating and working together on this exhibition is the main inspiration. Being two individuals with very opposing personalities the artists decided to work on the complexity of these everyday issues. Lym and Tozzer are creating personas and characters, influenced by their personal experiences, music and observations.
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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Markus Tozzer is a painter living and working in Vienna. After studying fine arts at the University of Applied Arts he focused on writing music and painting, while building up a creative agency with his friends. Since then he enjoys assembling digital pictures, made from photos and found images, as well as animating digital drawings. In such compositions, landscapes or human body parts emerge, which were rearranged and modified in a painting manner, overlaping layers upon layers. His painted works are motivated by inner challenges and basic questions of his human experience. Contrary to those painted works, he uses the digital realm to experiment and to pay homage to lighter works and topics that are also used in pop culture, not fearing the silly and senseless.

Lym Moreno was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She works with a wide variety of medias and techniques including drawings, collages, assemblages of paper, print making, mural-painting and most recently some stop-motion experiments. In public space she appears under her pseudonym “Mosta” performing her visual language in a different context. “In my work, I seek to connect shapes and objects within figures that are carefree, joyful and spontaneous, usually focusing on issues that call my attention around the complexity of human behavior as well as the relationship between woman and man.” Lym Moreno

Workshop: The Art of Cut out paper Collage. Cutting out and paste up!
- 6PM June 10th, 2016

Cut out paper is the art of cutting out the paper silhouette while Collage is an Assemblage of different forms parts. Cut out collage is a fusion that plays freely in between. In this Workshop hosting by Improper Walls Gallery and running by Lym Moreno the participants will be introduced to the Cut out Collage and their ways to work in order to make their own Artwork. Participants will also learn some basic concepts about design elements in composition that will helps to create a graceful look on their Collage.

June 10th 6PM @Improper Walls
Duration: 2.30 Hrs
Price: 25,- EURO (including material)
Registration: lym(at)

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2nd ANNIVERSARY *** Mutoscopio *** Schikaneder - 7PM May 4th, 2016

We are closing our 2 years anniversary exhibition Oops we're doing it again: Improper Walls turns 2! with a screening of mexican short films and dancing our asses off @ Schikaneder. This is the first part of an international collaboration between the mexican art gallery Casa Nueve and Improper Walls.

The screening is curated by Mutoscopio, which is a mexican festival born in Puebla, Mexico that promotes and exhibits contemporary video art, generating discourse meetings between emerging artists and artists with experience.
The objective of Mutoscopio is to promote national and international video art through the projection of contemporary audiovisual works in a traveling festival that includes screenings, lectures, workshops and video installations. Mutoscopio produce curatorial scripts for each edition to allow a relevant dialogue with a context and sustain the various art pieces that will be contained in each edition.

7:00 Screening (Ticket reservations at Schikaneder)
9:30 DJ Cumbia Negra Afterparty with Olinclusive

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Oops we're doing it again:
Improper Walls turns 2!
- April 20th - May 4th, 2016

Improper Walls

Improper Walls is turning 2!!!
In these years we`ve experienced so much, hosted amazing artists within our walls, had awesome parties, met cool people and made new friends.
TWO very Improper years have passed.
So it's time to celebrate our second anniversary. Come and drink champaign with us, listen to smooth beats and enjoy a retrospective of the most representative artworks by our favorite artists: nita., Rob Perez, Peter Phobia, Boicut,Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska, Münster Studio, Sens OC, Luis Pinto, diffuse, Lisk Feng, Riccardo Guasco & Ale Giorgini!

P.S. You can find your favourive print with a discount!! ;)

Lots of Love.
Your Improper Walls Team
Urte, Justina, Julia, Eli & Ale

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Improper Walls x sound:frame
Is Illustration restricted to the permanence of paper? No!

In collaboration with sound:frame festival, Improper Walls will be showing a variety of animated artworks. Passionate music-lovers and sound-a-holics from around the world are contributing to our screening.
sound:frame is one of the most important European AV festivals and a cultural initiative and agency specializing in contemporary international audiovisual and interdisciplinary art and culture.
Participating artists: Eran Hilleli (IL), Nicolas Ménard (FR), Min Liu (TWN), Fabricio Lima (BRA) , Yukai Du (CN), nita. (AUT), Sofía Matus (MEX), LWZ (AUT).

22:00 ALTE POST, Dominikanerbastei 11, 1010 Wien in cooperation with sound:frame and Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts

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KNOCKOUT by Peter Phobia - March 9th - April 6th, 2016

In 'KNOCKOUT' Peter Phobia presents a new series of works which deal with personal experiences, bananas, pop culture & life in general. Recorded thoughts are translated into a visual language, images are composed in order to create a dialoge with the viewer and to narrate a kind of abstract story about moments of everyday life. The works especially created for this exhibition will range from smaller drawings to large scale works on paper and 3D objects.

Peter Phobia is an artist and illustrator currently living in Vienna, Austria. Besides being a passionate golf player, he has an obsession with writing lists, loves bananas and carries his sketchbook everywhere he goes. Furthermore, Peter is a collector of absurd moments of everyday life which later on often serve as a source of inspiration in his work. He has worked with several magazines and brands in Austria and his artwork has been shown in numerous places around the globe, such as in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Vienna, Switzerland and Mexico.

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JUXTAPOSING - January 27th - February 24th, 2016

Placed side by side, complementing & contrasting
2 artists, 2 countries
1 show
Münster Studio & Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska
While using different techniques, Münster Studio & Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska come to a similar style of expression: the absence of outlines, minimal representation - and still details can be found, that add to another. They are complementing and contrasting each other - placed side by side in one exhibition.

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Munster Studio

Münster is a one person graphic design and illustration studio created in 2010, although he started making cut and paste gigposters for his own bands back in 1998-99.

Munster Studio home page »

Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska

Graphic designer and illustrator from Poland. A graduate of the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun, Faculty of Fine Arts with a specialization in graphic design. She lives and works in Warsaw. She designed posters, covers, prints and creates illustrations for books and newspapers

Martyna's home page »

Live mural by nita. and Dresscode Interruption @Reindorfgassenfest 2015 September 11th - 12th, 2015

It's a second year we are participating in the Reindorfgassenfest and are very excited to announce that nita. will beautify Reindorfgasse with an amazing mural project. You could witness that live during Strassenfest. Moreover the project 'Dresscode Interruption' will transform you into unexpected personalities in our gallery on Friday (11th) 14-18h and Saturday (12th) 15-18h.

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Dresscode Interruption
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BATTLE FOR NEPAL June 17th - July 10th, 2015

This is a battle of 3 rounds:
1. Turn your small change into donation
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2. Purchase art works donated by artists
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3. Live betting in a battlefield of art, music and dance.
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CHIDO CHAFA CHALE May 20th - June 26th, 2015

CHIDO adj. [col.] (Lat.Am.: Méx.) cool, nice
CHAFA adj. (Lat.Am.: Méx.) [col.] something of a low quality, fake
¡CHALE! (Lat.Am.: Méx.) [expression]" damn ! "; " oh my god "; or " yeah right "

Mexican street artist Sens brings his brand new series of works with the title „CHIDO, CHAFA, CHALE“. This slang expressions commonly used in Latin America and Mexico variate the meaning according to the context, portraying the complexity of latinamerican language as well as its society. His detailed cartoonish works combine tradition, folklore and are impregnated by his environment, using elements of Mexican vision.

More about exhibtion »

THE SHAPE OF THINGS - March 25th - April 24th, 2015

With this solo show called THE SHAPE OF THINGS, BOICUT takes it upon himself to examine visions of the young and young-minded. It's important for the artist to give ones inner child a voice - if it were to fall silent, something would fade away.


Boicut is a young aspiring artist living & working in Vienna. His work is very illustrative combining impulsive lines with a fresh colorway. Based on a concept his main goal is to reach the perfect balance between the different shapes. To this date his work was shown in Berlin, London, Miami, Luxembourg, Munich and of course Vienna and he has worked with brands like Nitro Snowboards, Absolut, Jameson, Remington, Vans, Paul Frank, Levis, KangaRoos, Hennessy, Samsung, Converse…

More about exhibtion »

FORTY POSTERS - February 11th - March 7th, 2015

FORTY POSTERS an exhibition with forty representative posters to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Italian illustrator Riccardo Guasco.

Riccardo Guasco

Riccardo Guasco, Italian painter and illustrator born in 1975 in Alessandria. He researches the lightness of form and color of the heat and he does it with a few colors and simple lines. He loves old posters of the 30s, Picasso, Depero, Feininger, Charlie Chaplin, and heroic cycling of old times.

SUGAR, SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE - January 14 - February 7, 2015

SUGAR, SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE our new season exhibition party with the finest characters created by Deadbeat Hero (US), The Adhocrates collective (AT) and Marija Tiurina (UK).

Rob Perez aka Deadbeat Hero is an American artist who has recently called Vienna home. His Sweatermen characters made their first appearance back in 2012 and served as a type of social commentary on this generation’s smart phone culture...

The Adhocrates Collective is a multidisciplinary design studio/art collective which range of work includes illustration and character design as well as a series of designs for snowboard and skateboard brands, and also several clothing labels....

Maria Tiurina has been involved in illustration for about nine years. She has moved to London five years ago from Eastern Europe to study Multimedia design, and now she is working as a game artist while constantly updating her illustration portfolio and taking on side projects...


The Girl Stories - two dreamy illustrators, Frau Isa (AT) and Lisk Feng (CN) introduce their colorful, surreal and lovely world through "The Girl Stories"

Frau Isa

Frau Isa is an illustrator and artist living and working in Vienna, Austria. Her works are influenced by her nostalgic spirit, while mixing old and new she creates her very own invented past. Passionate about many different techniques such as oil, acrylics, digital-media and graffiti, Isa can find the right choice for her characters and stories to be told.

Frau Isa home page »

Lisk Feng

Lisk Feng is an award winning illustrator who is originally from China and now became a New York based freelance illustrator. She graduated from MFA Illustration Practice from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014 and at the same time received some awards such as 3X3 Student Award Silver Medal, 3X3 Children`s Book Honorable mentioned and etc.

Lisk Feng home page »


THIS IS ME is a trip through Ale Giorgini's unique geometric world, starting with his "classic" movie posters, passing by "That's Amore" project and moving to his brand new art prints serie that has never been seen before called "In the Mood of Wood". You will have a funny walk through cult movies, couples in love and his imaginary world hiding in the woods.
THIS IS ME is also a brand new artbook that collects Ale's artworks from the last few years, commented by the artist himself.

Ale Giorgini

Ale Giorgini is an Italian illustrator. He was worked with Warner Bros, Boom Studios, Foot Locker, Faber-Castell, Sony Pictures, Emirates, MTV, Gru- ner+Jahr, Mondadori, La Repubblica XL, Focus Wild, Focus Junior. Ale had shows and performances all around the world (New York, San Diego, Sidney, Rome, Florence, Naples, Los Angeles, Milan, San Francisco, Portland, Melbourne).


Crazy Wild Creatures it’s a visual journey full of weird characters trying to define a surreal pop/cartoon universe made of funny wolfs, little friends, mysterious legends, cute buddies and hungry beasts.

Luis Pinto

Luis Pinto is a freaky graphic designer/illustrator from Mexico currently based in Guatemala. His work focuses on Illustration, Creative Thinking & Art Direction. He loves creating interesting projects that can bring something different from the point of visual communication experimenting with digital & traditional tools.


AN OLD FLAME NEVER DIES The three artists Roman Achitz, Benjamin Hammerschick and Bernhard Weber grew up in the industrial-romantic town of Linz. In the so called steel-city their passion for representative arts, music and film found common confluence. Their love for obscure music genres, independent cinema, comics, Burroughs & Co marked their youth, during which they lived and found common phases of self-discovery, destruction and reassurance. Their common fields of interest built their foundation that was not bound to get wasted instantly. In spite of several years dominated by silence as everyone pursued his individual path, their paths are trespassing today evermore in the pursuit of their art.
This exhibition is an effort to depict their individual ways and at the same time to reveal some of their hidden analogies – for an old flame never dies!

Hi! I'm a graphic designer trained in Linz and living in Vienna for the last 11 years. My works can be seen as a get-away from daily business routine, thoughts, sorrows and also questioning views on things. I'm inspired by experimental electronic music, dystopean movies and themes of changing social values which I love to caricate...

Bernhard Weber was born in Linz/Austria in 1979 where he also studied fine arts from 2002 - 2008. For about two years now he is exploring a painting technique where he is using highly liquified acrylics on fine woven canvas without any primer. Putting layer after layer of transparent color into the fabric...

Roman Achitz deconstructs in his works copyright secured pieces of work. Interventions pertaining to space and time facilitate a peep into the fundamental filming structure.

lost in reverie.

lost in reverie. Constant interplay between daydream & night watch, surface & depth of flotation. Lost in reverie is a visual funambulation among kitch & melancholia – trying to hijack the visitor into a surreal forest, where creatures mutate & forgotten ancestors reveal on leaves.



My name is nita. I’m a vienna based graphic designer with passion for detail, everyday pineapples & drab paper. Since beginning of 2014 I run my own little studio in Vienna. Beside that I love to do illustration & live visuals. If the world doesn’t fit into my head, I rebuild it and therefore sometimes get lost in a forrest of layers. My aim is to design on different surfaces without being superficial.


As a gallery we are aiming towards urban art and illustration, with our kick-off group exhibition we are giving you a small introduction on the illustrative side. Three awesome artists Bene, Marija and Jasmin are hosted within our walls till 13th of June.

Bene Rohlmann was born in Münster, Germany, in 1985. From 2007 till 2012 he made his Diploma in illustration at FH Münster and has spent one semester in South Korea, in 2009. He lives in Berlin since 2010, where he works full time as an illustrator and artist....

My name is Maria and I have been involved into illustration for about nine years now. I have moved into London almost five years ago from Eastern Europe to study Multimedia design, and am now working as a games artist while constantly updating my illustration portfolio and taking on side projects....

Studying painting in Vienna is the background of my work. moving from painting to drawing, and finally from drawing to comics, I found a way to tell the stories I need to, with the characters I design. The best part of it is to combine my own experinces of everyday life....